Ordering Methods

  • All our teas and teapots can be purchased online or by phone
  • We endeavour to dispatch your order same day at best, at worst within five working days of receipt
  • We use DPS Payment Express Secure Payment system and accept Visa or Mastercard, the entire payment process (including your credit card information) is encrypted and protected by SSL+
  • See the Delivery page for prices and delivery information


Simply complete the one time registration process and order online.

Your details, excluding credit card information, will be securely stored for this and all subsequent orders. 

Can I buy without registering? Yes - you can go through the checkout process without registering, however you will need to enter your details each time you make a purchase. Your previous orders won't be kept and you won't be eligible to accumulate Tea Points.  Find out about Tea Points



Call us at any time.

If calling outside work hours, you can leave your order on our answer phone, just remember to speak slowly.

Auckland 488 0818
Freephone 0800 832 868

In Person

Visit our Concept Store between:
Monday to Thursday 9am - 4:30pm
Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm


5C Apollo Drive
Mairangi Bay