Tea Total Packaging includes the following

All of our 151 premium teas are hand packaged in our very own warehouse on Auckland's North Shore, it’s a real labour of love!

Our pyramid tea bags are biodegradable and are plant based with is derived from corn starch, natural origin. They are a safe non-toxic filter which is also environmentally safe. Heat sealed together meaning we don’t use any glues! And lastly, they are filled with the finest quality premium teas.

We are currently exploring new options for our tea packaging, but in order to keep our tea as fresh as possible with a maximum shelf life our tea is packaged in our black foil lined re-sealable bags, thee bags are classifed as soft plastic and can therefore be recycled at approporiate recycling stations. 

Here at Tea Total we love the environment and believe every little bit counts - we try to do our best with recycling, so all large orders are sent out in repurposed cardboard boxes. Our smaller orders and website orders are sent out in 100% recycled courier bags made from post-consumer and post-industrial material, these bags are made entirely out of waste.    

Label Colours

Many Tea Total products feature coloured labels. These allow easy identification of product variety.

  • Yellow label = classic unflavoured black teas
  • Green label = green teas
  • Blue label = flavoured black teas and Earl Greys
  • Pink label = fruit teas
  • Red label = herbal teas




Sample Bags 

Our sample bags are hand labelled, two dessert spoons of premium loose leaf tea are hand spooned into the bag & then delicately hand sealed by our awesome warehouse team. This is enough tea to make one pot, possibly more.

Note:  these are not sold by weight.





Retail Bag


Retail Pouches

Containing up to 100 grams of tea, each bag is resealable to lock in freshness.
Labels are colour coded by variety as shown on Samples Bags above and Tins below.

Pouches feature a product viewing window at the bottom of the bag, barcode and ingredients list on the back.

Some teas are sold in weights other than 100 grams.  These are noted under the product information.




Bulk Bags

Pictured right, our bulk bags contains up to 500 grams of tea or the equivalent volume (ie 250 grams of Peppermint). Each bag is resealable to lock in freshness.  We recommend filling a smaller container such as the tins below for everyday use, keeping the bulk of tea fresher for longer.

Bulk bags are 15% to 25% cheaper than buying the same amount of tea in pouches.






Any of our teas can be purchased in a Tea Total caddy.  This option is shown on every product page.
Alternately you can buy an empty tin from the Gift Items page, these can be labelled for you, just fill in the comments section at checkout.






Deluxe Pyramid Tea Bags 

Various teas have been packed in pyramid tea bags and can be purchased in tins and bags.


Online Orders 

Don’t be surprised if your tea is delivered in a re-purposed cardboard box, its what’s on the inside that counts!

We love the environment and try to do our best with recycling, we believe every little bit helps.