Enjoying your cup of tea doesn’t have to be rocket science.

However, by following these easy tips, you will be able to
enjoy your cup of tea to the fullest.

How much tea should I use?

1 teaspoon per cup (250-300mls) is standard serving.
Do you like it nice and strong? Instead of brewing longer, add some extra tea and brew for the recommended time.

What's the correct water temperature?

Boiling water is great for all teas, except white, green and oolong tea! This is where it gets a little more tricky in getting the perfect temperature of 80 degrees celsius. The best option is to turn off the kettle before it begins to boil, or put 20% cold water in your cup or teapot and then fill with boiling water. To note, water-heated more than once becomes depleted of oxygen making it less ideal for brewing a good cuppa tea. 

Brewing time and water temperature                    

White Tea
Infuse 3-5 minutes at 80C

Green Tea
Infuse 2-3 minutes at 80 degrees
Do you feel Green Tea is bitter?
If over-brewed, green tea starts tasting bitter, so try brewing your next cup of tea for less time.

Black TeaInfuse 3-4 minutes with 90C

Fruit, Herbal & Rooibos Tisanes
Infuse for 4 to 5 minutes with 100C

Milk or No Milk?

Typically Herbal and Fruit infusions, or Green, White and Darjeeling teas are served without milk.
We say, add milk to your liking. Some people like a lot, others not.
When adding milk to black teas, brew for the longest recommended time.

All of these are tips and not rules!
Never forget that tea is meant to be enjoyed the way you like it!




Turmeric Mango Sunrise - The best parts of the earth are here to fuel the your day. The depth and brightness of this blend will not disappoint!

Fruit Delish - A tantalizing mix of your favourite fruits to make your taste buds tingle.

Zen Garden - Breathe in the beauty of this delicate but divine mix of green and white tea, rose petals & freeze dried cherries.

Royal Choc Mint - The luxurious combination of chocolate and mint, beautiful blend of chamomile, peppermint and cocoa bean pieces, think divine chocolate mint biscuit.

More to come... watch this space

Traditional Chinese bamboo tea strainer

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Behind the scenes we have been working hard to bring you new black tea blends that we believe are uniquely New Zealand.  From the strong Capital Tea with pinches of Horopito and Kawakawa to the solid Dunedin Dawn that epitomises the heart of the Otago region (in tea form of course).  Last but not least - JAFA Black where we tip our hat to the City of Sails and the iconic NZ sweet.  We highly recommend enjoying this cuppa with a few of those sweets on hand.

Share with your tea tribe and we hope you enjoy drinking these brews as much as we loved making them!

Click on each image below to be taken directly to the tea you are interested in.

Rooibos (Pronounced: Roy – Boss) is technically not a tea (from the Camelia Sinensis species) but rather a shrub that grows in only one area in the world – the Cederberg in the Western Cape of South Africa in what is now a protected World Heritage site approximately 200km north of Cape Town.

Anecdotally, Rooibos has been used by locals there for more than just drinking pleasure. When there is a skin ailment – it is bathed in. For pregnant and new mums nursing their babies – the tea is drunk in copious amounts to ease the body’s changing biomechanics. To aid in increasing ones appetite – it is also consumed (although of all the urban legends we have heard we are not so sure about this one).

Lastly – the great thing about Rooibos is that it is also caffeine free.

Whether you like your Rooibos flavoured, unflavoured, with a bit of spice, with some lemon or with some real chocolate stars and perhaps a healthy dose of mocha we have no doubt it will surprise and delight the senses.

Go ahead and get your Red Bush on!



The popularity of matcha has certainly increased in recent times and more and more conscious consumers are enjoying this tea as well as all the well documented health benefits it brings.

Now at TEA TOTAL we have a Chai & Cooking Matcha as well as a premium grade of Japan Matcha perfect for the tea drinker who enjoys the traditional matcha experience.

And to top it all off we now have authentic bamboo matcha whisks in stock to make sure your blend of matcha is creamy and completely aerated.