love this tea, delicious.
-Rachel 05.01.21. Great Barrier Island
Love the spicy warmth
-Michelle 07.12.20. Christchurch
Yes, please get some more from Sir Scott.
-Manfred 06.11.20. Te Kuiti
I have just tried this tea, and having had the same tea from an authentic Chinese restaurant, I have found that I am receiving a lot more bitter notes in this tea flavor compared to theirs. Their tea was scorching hot and still in the pot which I also took into consideration. So I think the quality of your tea leaves are not quite the same due being a lot thinner. Hence my 3 star review! But thanks guys anyway. Your other teas is fantastic!
-Robert Stewart 24.10.20. Rotorua
The Garden Mint tea is amazing! It is so fresh , it tastes a million times better than tea bags! Really disappointed it is out of stock, hoping it will be back in soon!
-Laura 05.10.20. Auckland
I have had a 500ml mug now for over a year and use it everyday at work. Absolutely love it! Highly recommend!
-Olive-Ann 17.09.20. Auckland
Excellent quality. Lid very firm, inner strainer deep so tea is well covered, and it doesn't drip. Exceeds expectations
-Pat 08.09.20. Hamilton
Amazing fruit tea .... think the sweetness and taste of berries combined with the freshness of mango, pineapple and citrus. One of our favorites - enjoyable cold as well as hot.
-Heiko 30.08.20. Canterbury
I like Earl Grey and I like good green tea, however was pretty disappointed when trying the first cup of this Green Earl Grey tea prepared according to instructions (1 spoon per cup, 80 degrees, 2 to 3 minutes steep time): The taste of the bergamote oil took over and basically killed everything else - not a pleasant taste. I experimented somewhat with the tea (too expensive to throw away) and managed to get it drinkable: use only half a spoon per cup and steep between 60 and 90 seconds (water still 80 degrees). The result - there is still some of the sencha flavours left and the in this dose acceptable bergamote reminds one at citrus fruits. Still not an outstanding tea, but at least drinkable. If you are curious I recommend to start with a small sample ....
-Heikoi 27.08.20. Canterbury
My number one go to!!
-Jayne 22.08.20. Auckland