Milky Oolong is a rather recent addition to the fantastic world of Asian-inspired teas.  Milky Oolong is certainly renowned for its creamy, buttery and condensed milk like notes.  The tea itself is lightly roasted and the leaves are rolled resulting in a light liquor whilst leaving your palate with a sweet buttery texture overlayed with a delicate and fragrant floral aroma.  The tea is both satisfying and also leaves you wanting more.  



Delicate weak to medium (when considering the aroma)


Premium Chinese Oolong Tea

To make: 

1 teaspoon for 250ml cup
Do not add boiling water, water should be 80 degrees
Steep for 2 to 3 minutes then pour
Continue to top up your pot or cup until you no longer taste the tea

One retail pouch will make: 

30 to 40 cups of tea