China Young Hyson


A yellow golden colour and a soft but distinctive tangy taste. Produced in the south-west of China where the leaves are harvested shortly before the spring monsoon. Often known as "Chun Mee" which translates to “ Precious Eye Brows”. When dried the leaves of Chun Mee Tea form the arched shape of a typical eyebrow. The production of Young Hyson requires a lot of experience as the tea is lightly rolled by hand to obtain its special shape.


Light to medium


Premium Chinese green tea

To make: 
1 level teaspoon for 250ml cup.
Use water slightly cooler than boiling at 80 degrees Celcius (just add a splash of cold water)
Steep for 2-3 minutes then pour.
Tea leaves can be re-infused several times
One retail pouch will make: 

100g will make around 40 cups of tea