Assam 'Sibbari' Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

Strength: Strong

Ideal as a breakfast tea or pick-me-up, this golden broken orange pekoe tea will brew quickly and dance along the taste buds.

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100g will make around 40 cups of tea

Ideal as a breakfast tea or pick-me-up, this golden broken orange pekoe tea from the Sibbari tea garden in Assam will brew quickly and dance along the taste buds.

Premium Assam (Indian) black tea.

Origin: India

Premium Assam (Indian) black tea

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1 teaspoon for 250ml cup
Add freshly boiled water
Steep for 3-4 minutes then pour

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Customer Reviews

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Assam 'Sibbari' Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

This tea is fragrant when poured has a good orange colour and a good flavour. I really like it. Black tea how it should be. (I take mine with milk).

Assam 'Sibbari' Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

Superb moderately strong tea with complex flavours that are sustained even if left to cool.Soft and mellow with a subtle malty flavour noticeable on the nose when steeping.

Assam 'Sibbari' Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

For me this is the best in New Zealand. I am fussy about tea and this is my favourite. I like its clean yet light taste feel while still being strong and satisfying. I tend to prefer pekoe teas but do buy others from this company as well.

The leaf teas I have tried from NZ supermarkets seem to me to have a cloying and heavier feel and tend to leave staining residue on the cup.

My experience and opinion differs from another review which shows how it is each to their own in tea preferences.

Assam 'Sibbari' Golden Broken Orange Pekoe

Sorry to say but this tea was disappointing. It was not as robust as my memory served me. I love the old fashioned black teas but this was not much better than supermarket teas, shame!