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It is free to join. Simply create an account and make sure to log in every time you place an order to
collect Tea Points.

For every $25 spent on our website you will earn 1 point.

This only applies to every whole $25, if your spend does not reach $25 you will not earn any points. If you spend $40 you will receive 1 Tea Point, not 1.6.

You earn Tea Points with all products purchased from our website.

Check out all the rewards available by opening the Tea Total Club widget in the bottom left corner of the page.

Please note, only one discount code may be redeemed per purchase. So choose wisely!

First make sure you are logged into your account. Then to check out your Tea Points balance open/click on the Tea Total Club widget in the bottom left corner of this page.

Tea Points will show in your account after we have processed and finalised your order.

Once you have earned 25 Tea Points within a year, you will automatically become a VIP Member.

Yes, they expire after 12 months.

Tea & Wellbeing Questions

Tea technically does not expire, but it does go stale and loses its charm. All of our teas are packed with their 'Best Before Date', look for this at the bottom or top of our packaging.

To preserve tea, we recommend keeping it away from light, moisture and air. Our resealable pouches and tins are specifically designed to protect your tea in order to retain its premium quality.

To preserve tea, we recommend keeping it away from light, moisture and air. Our resealable pouches and tins are specifically designed to protect your tea in order to retain its premium quality.

Yes they are, most of our teas contain herbs and fruit ingredients, with very few of them having lactose, there are a couple of teas that contain caramel pieces or chocolate stars. If in doubt it’s always best to review the tea’s ingredients on our website or ingredients label on the back of our products.

We have an Organic Certified tea range. Each of these teas are fully certified and imported with full documentation for verification. The majority of our organic teas are certified by European Standards which are some of the strictest in the world.

We source our tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plants grown in many countries around the world such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and many others.

Some ingredients are sourced locally, such as the Manuka, Kawakawa and Horopito, while Rooibos, is sourced from South Africa.

Other ingredients come from different parts of the world and may vary each season, all of them certified by European Quality standards.

Find our brewing instructions in our Tea Knowledge section.

All infusions coming from the Camellia Sinensis plant contain caffeine, these are White, Green, Black and Oolong Teas.
Nearly all Fruit and Herb Teas are caffeine-free. Please check out our caffeine-free section by clicking here.

International legislation, including NZ, does not require measuring caffeine in products such as tea. However, there
are clear international guidelines on quantities per cup.

Coffee             95mg
Black Tea        47mg
Green Tea      20-45mg
*Green teacups tend to have less as is brewed in a lower temperature and less time, getting closer to 30mg.

Flavours are chemical compounds that impart, or enhance, certain particular flavours that cannot be replaced by simply adding that particular ingredient. There are three different types of flavour and at Tea Total we strictly use just the first two:

Natural Flavourings:
Are individual substances with flavouring obtained from raw materials such as fruits, spices etc. Only enzymatic or microbiological processes may be used in production, such as squeezing, distilling or fermenting. For example, Earl Grey has natural Bergamot Oil infused. 

Natural Identical Flavourings:
These are 100% chemically confirmed as natural flavourings. The difference is that Natural Identical Flavourings are produced by a chemical process to exactly replicate the natural chemical structure.

If you looked under a microscope, the molecular structure of both Natural Flavourings and Natural Identical Flavourings would be exactly the same.

Why would we use these? Because it is not easy to extract the essence from many ingredients and they are not stable enough to last.

Artificial Flavourings:
Have no natural equivalent and are strictly not used at Tea Total. They are cheap to produce and do not conform to any of the above standards.


The shape and size of our pyramid tea bags lets us offer you the same premium quality of tea we offer in loose-leaf, unlike many teas bags that use a lesser grade as it’s easy to disguise in tea bags.

They are made of NON-GMO sugarcane bioplastic which is biodegradable and industrially compostable. They are safe for brewing and sealed using heat, not glue.

All of our teas can be purchased in a Tea Total tin. Tins are great for everyday use protecting the tea from light, moisture and air to ensure its quality. Tins can be easily refilled and we sell tins separately if you have already purchased a pouch and would now like to store it in a tin. Just let us know which label you require or if you need a new label let the team know and we can send this out with your next order.

Here at Tea Total we love the environment and believe every little bit counts - we try to do our best with recycling and reducing waste.

All orders are sent out in repurposed cardboard boxes through relationships with nearby companies. Our smaller orders and website orders are sent out in soft-plastic bags made entirely from recycled plastic and able to be recycled with soft plastics again.

Our samples, pouches and bags are currently made from soft-plastic which can be disposed of in the soft plastic recycling bins available in supermarkets and warehouse branches.

Click here for a list of stores that accept soft plastics. We are currently exploring new options for our tea packaging and are testing compostable options. However, in order to keep our tea as fresh as possible with a maximum shelf life, our tea needs to be kept away from light, moist and air, resulting in our current packaging choices.

Compostable packaging options can be seen as a lifesaver solution, but we are aware that not everybody has access to a compost bin and many cannot be composted at home.

We are looking to embrace a circular economy where we are certain of the whole life cycle of our packaging and product, and we accept suggestions!

Delivery & Return Policies

Freight is Free for all orders  over $85 after any coupons or discounts have been applied. Otherwise we have a three tiered cost, depending on your location.

Auckland metropolitan area, excluding Waiheke Island $7.80
Nationwide delivery excluding rural delivery $9.00
Rural delivery addresses $13.00

We also offer Click and Collect, with our collection point at 5c Apollo Drive, Rosedale, during our normal business hours.

Rather than charging delivery costs according to size of your purchase, we use three flat rates as below:

Auckland metropolitan area, excluding Waiheke Island $7.50
Nationwide delivery excluding rural delivery $9.00
Rural delivery addresses $11.50

There is no minimum order.

We ship every working day so you can receive your order as soon as possible.

Our deliveries are with NZ Post, delivery times frames can vary depending on location and season.  

General delivery timeframes:
Auckland – 1 to 2 business days
North Island – 2 to 3 business days
South Island – 3 to 5 business days
Rural – 5 business days

If your order is not received within five business days of targeted delivery then please contact us and we will investigate further.

Claims for non-delivery after 30 days from the date of order will not be accepted.

Yes, once your order has been processed and picked up by NZ
Post you will receive an email with your tracking number and website link to view your delivery information.

If we have made a mistake with your order, we will send out a replacement along with a post bag for return of the incorrect product. However, if you decide, for whatever reason, you don't wish to keep the item ordered, we will refund the returned product upon receipt. The return will be at your expense. Note we only receive product returns that are in their original condition and for tea the packaging must not be opened.

We have put a hold on all orders we send to Australia for the time being. We are having difficulties with Australian Customs, causing orders to get held up for long periods of time or destroyed.

We want to be certain your tea gets to you within a reasonable time and in one piece!