Brewing instructions

Brewing instructions

Enjoying your cup of tea doesn’t have to be rocket science, although we know it can be tricky sometimes.

Below is an easy guide for best brewing practices, just remember they are tips not rules!

Tea is meant to be enjoyed the way you like it!

How much tea should I use?

1 teaspoon per cup (250-300mls) is a standard serving.


Do you like it nice and strong? Instead of brewing longer, add some extra tea and brew for the recommended time.

What's the correct water temperature?

Boiling water is great for all teas, except white, green and oolong tea! This is where it gets a little more tricky in getting the perfect temperature of 80 degrees celsius. The best option is to turn off the kettle before it begins to boil, or put 20% cold water in your cup or teapot and then fill with boiling water. To note, water-heated more than once becomes depleted of oxygen making it less ideal for brewing a good cuppa tea.

Brewing time and water temperature:

Tea Type

Water Temperature

Brewing Time

White Teas


3-5 Minutes

Green Teas


2-3 Minutes

Black Teas


3-4 Minutes

Herbal and Fruit Tisanes


5 Minutes

Is your tea tasting bitter?

Black and particularly green tea when over-brewed, starts to taste bitter, so if you’re finding this, try brewing your next cup of tea for less time.

Milk or No Milk?

Purists will say that milk may only be added to certain types of tea.
We say, add milk to your liking. Some people like alot, others not.
When adding milk to black teas, brew for the longest recommended time, and find some recommendations in the Good with Milk Tea Selection. 
Most whites, greens and herbals are best served straight!
General rule - Herbal (exception is Rooibos), Fruit, Green and Darjeeling Teas have no milk.

Best way to drink it is how you enjoy it, everyone has different taste preferences!

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