Our Top Iced Tea Picks

Our Top Iced Tea Picks

So many teas to choose from which to ice? 

You're spoilt for choice with our range of over 150 teas! So we've taken the guessing game out of it and come up with a list of surefire teas that are delightful iced. Pick one and enjoy!

Follow this easy recipe for the best results.


Fruit Infusions: 


Herbal Teas:


Green Teas:


Black Teas:


You can always adjust and tweak to your taste preference with a touch of sugar (we love using honey) or by adding more fruit.  

A twist of citrus is also a wonderful addition to any iced tea, especially if you're icing a black tea. Citrus makes it even more refreshing whilst also reduces the bitterness black tea can bring. 

Remember plenty of ice to top it up! 

Enjoy and prepare to fall deeper in love with tea! 

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