Beautiful tea with a lovely flavour that is not overly sweet, buying the larger bag so I don't risk running out again.
-Carlie 15.07.21. Hamilton
This is my current favourite. It's so good. It's the perfect blend of chocolate and mint. I think it gives you a gentle uplift of energy. I enjoy it with almond milk and monk fruit sweetener. Even tastes great cold! You won't be disappointed!
-Carolyn 01.07.21. Porirua
Incredible. Usually I find fruit teas too sweet, but this almost reminds me of a red wine (in the best way!). Its such a wonderful array of flavours and not overpowering. I'll be purchasing for a very long time, hope it never gets discontinued.
-Shay 05.06.21. Auckland
I wasn't sure what to expect. I haven't finished my first cup and am ordering more right now. This is deliciously buttery and has a hint of citrus. I can't imagine adding anything to it. It's magnificent straight up.
-Charlee 08.05.21. Palmerston North
I very much enjoy this blend. The description is spot on. It is well named too!
-Rachel 07.05.21. Dunedin
I got a 100g packed of this in a small shop in Roxbrugh. I absolutley love it. The small caramel pieces melt away with the hot water. Such a delicious taste and nice to have through the day/night. Ordering a second bag! Thank you :)
-Vanessa 07.04.21. Dunedin
Love this tea. It's warm and inviting with lots of flavour.
-Carey-Lou 05.04.21. Okura
One of the nicest masala chai teas I have tasted. Had previously stuck to a brand whose Masala didn't have the orange peel but this is a nice addition and doesn't detract from the chai spices.
-Deborah 30.03.21. Whangarei
I really like this tea. Similar to chai, but different. The cinnamon/chocolate/orange scents are delicious.
-Ellen 06.03.21. Auckland
I had this recommended by a lovely girl at the front desk. It is DELICIOUS! A well rounded black tea - great fragrance and fabulous tasty. It is mostly minty with hints of chocolate coming through on the after taste. I have it with milk and it definitely tastes like a mint chocolate biscuit. DEFINITELY buying again!
-AJS 04.03.21. Auckland