Lovely tea for cold winter days, flavour reminds me of Christmas pudding! Really enjoying it.
-Barbara 03.07.20. Christchurch
5 out of 5. I love this tea, it's creamy and original an added bonus if it turns out it's healthy for you as well. I saw an episode of Country Calendar recently where Manuka growers said as Manuka honey is doing so well overseas, they are currently researching the properties of Manuka tea and are expecting it to also be a big seller in the future.
-Dianne 12.06.20. Auckland
Yep, this hits the spot! Almost like a dessert as well as a tea!
-Harry 22.05.20. Auckland
I could not rate this more highly!! I love it and so to my coffee loving/tea hating flat mates!! It tastes very very fruity just have to make sure you get a little bit of everything when making it tea because the fruit is at the top half
-Emily 13.05.20. Christchurch
I discovered this blend in Iceland of all places. It was called Russian Earl Grey there. I liked it so much my daughter researched it when we returned home and found Tea Total's Earl Grey Special is the same blend. I won't drink any other tea........
-Bill 05.05.20. Canterbury
Best teapot that I have ever owned by far! The strainer that is included is awesome & the tea stays hot for a long time. I would definitely recommend this one - in fact I love it so much I’m going to buy one for my holiday home.
-Marise 23.04.20. Timaru
Love this tea, it smells and tastes like honey and vanilla
-Alison 06.04.20. Rotorua
This is my favourite herbal tea, end of. From the first cup I ever had, it was lights-out for anything else I've ever tried.
-Megan 29.03.20. Hamilton
I'm a charcoal BBQ fan, and an Earl Grey fan, but both together don't work well for me.
-Ben 19.03.20. Auckland
Excellent strong aromatic a bit sweet flavour rich black. Premium quality! Great pleasure for tea lover!
-Maya 03.03.20. Christchurch