-Jill Kerr 17.01.21. Tauranga
While detoxing from my usual black coffee, I reluctantly ordered a green tea at a local café. I braced myself for the horrid taste that so many I have tried before have and.....I loved this green tea! So much so that I ended up going back to next day to buy some. It is sweet, but not overly, and smelt lovely. I highly recommend this and will be spreading the word! A must to try!
-Lynda 13.01.21. Hastings
love this tea, delicious.
-Rachel 05.01.21. Great Barrier Island
Love the spicy warmth
-Michelle 07.12.20. Christchurch
Yes, please get some more from Sir Scott.
-Manfred 06.11.20. Te Kuiti
I have just tried this tea, and having had the same tea from an authentic Chinese restaurant, I have found that I am receiving a lot more bitter notes in this tea flavor compared to theirs. Their tea was scorching hot and still in the pot which I also took into consideration. So I think the quality of your tea leaves are not quite the same due being a lot thinner. Hence my 3 star review! But thanks guys anyway. Your other teas is fantastic!
-Robert Stewart 24.10.20. Rotorua
Absolutely the smoothest tea you will ever taste. worth every cent. Has become our "Friday" tea, a tea so special you only drink it once a week.
-Bruce 07.10.20. Westport
The Garden Mint tea is amazing! It is so fresh , it tastes a million times better than tea bags! Really disappointed it is out of stock, hoping it will be back in soon!
-Laura 05.10.20. Auckland
I have had a 500ml mug now for over a year and use it everyday at work. Absolutely love it! Highly recommend!
-Olive-Ann 17.09.20. Auckland
Excellent quality. Lid very firm, inner strainer deep so tea is well covered, and it doesn't drip. Exceeds expectations
-Pat 08.09.20. Hamilton